31 Days of Quotes, Day 13....

Apparently, the electricity going out does all sorts of crazy things to children's energy and excitement.  I really was cool with the lights being out.  It's a first world problem, after all, and although we aren't used to being without it and therefore, aren't totally equipped....I was cool with it. I was going to make the best of it....but, I'm not cool with crazy kids.

One was just in a funk, and it was not getting any better for her, or for us.

So, I bid farewell to the dreams of singing kumbaya around the candles and hauled them crazy hoodlums sweet babes off to bed early....which took about 1.5 hours.

So, I'm changing it up and just quoting ourselves tonight....

Me:  {exasperated} What are we doing wrong?!!?  Are we just not depending on Jesus enough?!!? I mean, if it's really possible to be so frustrated and still be so loving, kind, and encouraging, what in the world are we doing?!?!
Matt: {chuckles } Well, God got frustrated with His children.
Me: Yeah, but He didn't sin in His anger!
Matt: Well, He did kill them.

So, I laughed it off a bit, but still my heart was grieved.  
They see my frustration, but do they know I love them to pieces??  

It's truly just so hard sometimes to combine love with frustration and anger.  And even though we know "With God, all things are possible," {Matthew 19:26} we don't live like it always.

and this is not a pity party, but it truly makes me think....what is hindering me from walking in His love, handling these tough moments the way He would, bearing His fruit, 

being Love always...

and not that I take it lightly when I've chosen harsh tones or words in place of "only such words good for edification."

Yet, I go to bed tonight, not angry at myself, but thankful for new mercies in the morning, and thankful that His strength can be made perfect in my weakness....and thankful for His grace to start over tomorrow.


I should have been linking back to the first post in all of these, so I'm just now doing that! I also wanted to put a link to the write31days page from The Nester...

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