31 Days of Quotes, Day 17....

Because some days, there are just more important things to do than think of quotes for your blog....

like when you go into Lowes to look at cabinets and realize they are selling the display cabinets for $300 a set!!!

So, I found two sets with matching doors.....

Nothing a little paint won't fix!!!

Wooooooh Hoooooooh!!

Let me do the math for you.....that's about $10,000 worth of cabinets for $600 {because of all the fantastic things inside the cabinets, and sorry I didn't take pics}!  

$600, people!

I had gone in to look at the stock cabinets as I was trying to decide if our friend, Nick should build cabinets for the laundry/activity/school room or if we should just buy the basic unfinished ones.

...until I started opening drawers and doors....and these were all stocked with a {wannabe} organizer's dream of perfect accessories!!

So, I decided against wood, and made two guy's days worse by asking them to come to Lowes and rip out cabinets for me.  Let me just say that anybody who has helped me do work, tends to not like me as much anymore. ha  I always find such fun and lovely work for them to do.  I think I owe Matt a major back rub.  He even missed the baseball scrimmage for me. oopsie!

Anyway,  I just finished drawing out the new layout for them and I'm crossing my fingers it will all work out perfectly and that my baby brain didn't miscalculate anything.

So, I leave you with this....which is just about the way Matt is feeling right now....


All great changes are proceeded by chaos.

~Deepak Chopra


I have no idea who that person even is....but the quote was fitting for my day.  sigh....

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