31 Days of Quotes, Day 19...


I can hear the footsteps of my King
I can hear His heartbeat beckoning
In my darkness He has set me free
And now I hear the Spirit calling me

He's calling
Wake up Child
It's your time to shine
You were born for such a time as this

I can hear a holy rumbling
I've begun to preach another King
Loosing chains and breaking down the walls
I want to hear the Father when He calls

This is the anthem of our generation
Here we are God, shake our nation
All we need is Your love
You captivate me

I am royalty
I have destiny
I have been set free
I'm gonna shape history

~ Jesus Culture {The Anthem}


This song really struck me today.  I just want to wake up to all God has for me….who I am in Him…how Big He really is….

I want to be captivated by Him, His glory and all His goodness.  I don't want to be distracted by the crazy race of this world!  Or deceived to think I'm not much of anyone.  My identity in Him is glorious and I can only shine in Him…and we all know it's really Him shining in us.

Do I live like I know I am royalty, with a destiny, having been set free and that I'm going to shape history??  

Do I live like I'm captivated by the most powerful and perfect God, who is mightier than my imagination can stretch to grasp??

Are we saying "Here we are, God!!??"

I want to wake up!  Snap out of the trance I often find myself in as I'm dazed by the desires and lies of this world. 

Oh God, that You would save us from the deceit of the enemy, and that you would burn eternity on our hearts!!  For your glory, for our good.

There is nothing like freedom to run wild in, and there's nothing better than running wild in Christ and what He is calling us to!


and on a different note, we made it to our vacation spot…Big Cedar Wilderness Club {part of our timeshare…that we bought when we were newly married and blinded by love and all kinds of naiveté, which we later tried to get rid of a few times, but are now stuck with…and it has been a huge blessing.  It's such a treat for us that we are stuck with it….works out kinda well. :) }

and Lulu apparently learned how to post to Instagram…

Funny that the floors were my favorite part and I probably would've posted them, too.  Girl's got good taste, what can I say.

 Or I would've posted this….

also funny that we, little simple country folk get to be pampered in this place.  It's just so dreamy to us and something that's always such a blessing….and not something we'd be able to do without the timeshare!



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