31 Days of Quotes, Day 2...


“I have been driven many times upon my 

knees by the overwhelming conviction that 

had no where else to go. My own wisdom 

and that of all about me seemed insufficient 

for that day.” 

― Abraham Lincoln


Well.....after waking up and being dreadfully tired and thinking "What have I done?!" making such a commitment these days, I can truthfully say, I am a little excited about this writing venture.  I know I will learn something from it, and I hope I can share some others' heartfelt words and thoughts that can be a little encouragement to you!

That being said.....Thursdays are our long days.  Matt's gone most of the day and then we have our dinner and Bible study group at night.  We love it, but it's long!  Adequate words can't even come to mind when I try to thank God for the help He has provided for us....Maggie, my right hand {wo}man,    Bless her! 

Then there's Cappe's, the local restaurant who caters our Thursday dinners for FREE. 
I know....it's ridiculous.  Not only that it's provided at no cost, but I don't have to cook
Bless God for knowing I couldn't handle Thursdays on my own!

These days have probably driven me to my knees more than any other.  

and I need to find myself there way more often every day....knowing there is no where else I need to go.

Thursdays use to be seriously wretched.  It was like the devil himself knew it was our day, and he would just tear through here like a plague....physically, emotionally and most of all spiritually.  

Not to say that he doesn't still....like today, I mean that had to be him to possess my little Cole to gluestick toilet paper all over the baby doll bed while I had attempted to put him down for nap 2 times already, right?

I mean, really.

I did at least giggle at his creativity......but the giggling didn't last too long.  

Anyhoooo.....praise God for seeing these needs for this day in HIS unfathomable wisdom and providing so much for us and the ministry.  I can't say it enough.

Yet, perhaps I could thank Him by finding my way to my knees every day because truly, everything about me IS insufficient.  There really is no other way to get through the day.

and a little peek at only half of the group....

we sure do love having them here and sharing the evening with them!  It makes the day worthwhile!


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