31 Days of Quotes, Day 24….

We drove most of the way home today, and although I usually don't want to drive, it's often the most peaceful time I'll have in the car… with the headphones drowning out the sounds of outside chaos, I can say goodbye to all that surrounds me….and get lost in the music, praise, and meditation I usually so need.

I mean, don't get me wrong, we had great family time this week, but one can only enjoy so much time in the car with a bunch of littles!

Well, my driving served its purpose well today as I had time to pray about my frustrations!  I was so frustrated at myself for having gotten so frustrated earlier in the day. :)  There was just a whole lot of frustration! 

Maybe it's pms.  Maybe it's that I slept in more today and had no quiet time. I don't know, but either way, I was frustrated…..and easily aggravated. I like to think there's a reason in addition to me just being selfish!

However, during my little time of quiet solitude, the Holy Spirit gently reminded me that I was thinking about myself too much and not looking outward to others more…..and not trusting Him.  

I had been getting aggravated when things were getting out of control trying to pack up this morning.

I wasn't trusting Him in the moments that weren't going the way I'd like.

But….my moments are not mine to control.  The control is not for me to have.

The moments are His.  If I truly believe that He works all things for my good and that my joy and happiness are not based on how well my moments are going, then I will rejoice always.  I will trust Him, not bearing the weight of responsibility that my joy depends on my circumstances....
not focusing so much on the way my circumstances are affecting me, but thinking of how they are affecting others

That's the beautiful and FREEING thing about being able to rejoice in Him always.

that I don't have to bear the responsibility.  

the responsibility to make myself happy.  to have everything perfect. to be joyful.

It's too much.  I wasn't made to bear it.

I will live my life in frustrations forever if my rejoicing is based on how easy or well things are going!

my responsibility is to rejoice.  to choose joy and gladness in Christ....and look outwards….losing myself.

Rejoice always. surrender control. surrender my moments.

And I don't mean that there will never truly be frustrating moments. However, I can tell in myself when I am being way too easily frustrated or lettings frustrations build into anger. That's not good. The frustrations shouldn't determine my emotions like that. 

Patience, aka "long suffering" is being able to endure those frustrations...those suffering moments, right??

{And I'm now done using any form of the word frustration!}

I had just been thinking on how I need to deny more of myself and be lost in Him, when this song started playing. The first lines pretty much sum up many verses about us dying to ourselves. 

{Galatians 2:20 and Matthew 16:24 are a couple that come to mind}. 

"I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me, and the life which I now live in then flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me."

"Then Jesus said to His disciples, "if anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow me."


"We are loved at the end of our rope
When we're less there is more of the Lord
In the fight for our souls we must learn to let go
And abandon who we are

We are loved when we feel all is lost
When the shadows are cast on the cross
Only then can we know the embrace of the one
Who's carried us along

We are blessed, We are blessed

We are loved when we feel most content
with who we are, nothing more nothing less
We'll inherit the earth declaring Your worth
Bring glory to Your name

We are blessed, We are blessed

We're blessed, We're loved
Our heart, our souls
We now rejoice, rejoice" 

~ We Are Blessed, by All Sons and Daughters


"we must learn to let go and abandon who we are"
"we are blessed"

Thankfully, we are loved regardless, and we are blessed by His love....but we are also more blessed when we learn to let go of ourselves...not only for our good, but for His glory and for the good of others. 



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