31 Days of Quotes, Day 27...

Okaaayy….another exhausting day!  Trying not to complain about it and find the joys in all the gifts and blessings….by God's sweet grace.

The laundry room is coming along!!  I just need to pinch myself every time I'm in there to make sure I'm not dreaming!

There's still a ton of work to do, and I didn't get a pic in the daylight, but here's an idea of what's going on….

The cabinets have to be painted, the counter stained….some cleaning and organizing…all the fun stuff...

and meanwhile, in the rest of the house, I am continually reminded of why we should NOT do DIY anything when we have 5 kiddos around….and this isn't really even DIY, we have HELP!

just keeping' it real…

Maybe my mess can make you feel better about yours!

Seriously, I mean look at the curtains.  The phrase "looks like a tornado came through here" is quite the understatement.  And this is after a day or two of cleaning and putting things BACK in the laundry room or moving them out.  Seriously, this is a "nice" pic.

And who am I kidding about calling this room the laundry room.  It's basically everything but the laundry.  I mean, the laundry's there, and sometimes too evidently there, but really, it's everything else that's so exciting…we all know that.

Anyways….I guess I've had laundry on my mind and gravitated towards the laundry funnies….and I think I'm delirious and was laughing at way too many someecards on pinterest….some I so wish I could post {not about laundry}, but just can't….too bad…you will just have to search yourself!!

and while not quite as funny, these are definitely true….

and patience for the process...

It seems we have been on a mission for a few years now to reduce our laundry and minimize the clothes in this house!  It's continually getting better, but I feel some more changes coming on soon!


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