31 Days of Quotes, Day 29...


And looking at them, Jesus said to them, 
"With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

~ Matthew 19:26


My heart is heavy tonight….

for several friends facing storms right now…

struggling in life, struggling in marriage, struggling for happiness.

It's so easy to think everyone is ok.

and sometimes, when we really are "overall" okay, we can still really be struggling….or really be going through "something," seemingly not worth mentioning.
We can be hurting….having a bad day, a bad week, and still be okay, still be chugging along.
but then sometimes, the hurt's so evident, a question of how we are isn't even worth asking.

Either way, it's difficult.  It's heavy, it's real.  

No issue is too small for God.  not too small for Him to act on it and redeem it…
and definitely not too small for Him to care for it.

We usually know these things, but so easily forget them and need to be reminded.

Are we honest with our struggles?
to others? to ourselves?

or does it just seem too petty? Or does it seem like we should be able to handle it ourselves?

Are we honest with God?  Honest with how much it hurts or angers us….or are we busy trying to hold ourselves together in our own strength?

I just wonder how much more broken we could be before God if we would just confess our true thoughts and feelings.

Matt and I were having a bit of an issue, and it felt so small compared to others I know of.  Yet, it was still an issue, and it still hurt.  and God cared.

all I could do was be honest with God of how I didn't want to forgive Matt or love him selflessly or serve him regardless.  I didn't feel like doing those things.  I was angry.

My flesh didn't want those things.  The spirit was willing, but the flesh, most definitely weak!

Being honest with how fleshly we are, and not pretending or striving to be holy and righteous in our own effort is the most freeing act of humility.  It enables us to rightly see ourselves and our need for God to truly love Him and others.

My feelings are often too strong to just set aside and follow the right thing to do.  I'm emotional like that.  yay!  

Sometimes, yes, I can do that.  But, sometimes, it calls for a hashing out with God, confessing my true feelings of how strong they are and how I don't really want to let the spirit have this one…I want to handle it myself! I got this!!

Yet, the honesty with God….this really helped me realize it was OKAY that I didn't feel like doing those things.  What else do I expect of my flesh? 

What is GOOD and RIGHT, is not usually natural, of course.  

For me, it's steps toward overcoming acting on my natural feelings.  It's SO stinkin' easy to assume that if we are feeling a certain way so intensely that it MUST mean we need to act on it….and that we just don't have the self control to step down sometimes.

But, when I confess the way I'm feeling….say it and hear it, and realize yes, those are valid feelings, and you don't have to deny them in order to overcome them….you don't have to act like they didn't exist, trying in your own effort to ignore them….it's not about pushing them back like they aren't there, like your flesh is holy or something…..

you just have to choose to let HIM within You OVERCOME them.

We can not do it on our own….and it's so much easier when we are honest with ourselves and with Him.

Only with Him are all things possible.

SO…..bringing my thoughts all together on this….whether it's a little issue or a big storm we or someone else is facing….God just wants our honesty and our brokenness before Him…..because that's when we can really let HIM take over. This is His fight.


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