31 Days of Quotes, Day 6


"It is through the storms in life that you learn who you are,
what you stand for, and then, how to fly."

~ from Grace and Lace {www.graceandlace.com}


Well, I was fortunate enough today to come across a really neat little online shop! Seems like a tender, but sweet story of how she got started.

I wasn't shopping for anything this shop necessarily offers, but I somehow came across it as I was looking online for Anna Jaymes some boots.  I was immediately drawn to the tagline 
"made with His grace and a little lace."  

How stinkin' perfect is that??!  So cute.

If you know my little thrifty self, you know I hardly ever buy anything from shops or boutiques {until I wait till the last minute to find birthday boots!}.   Usually too expensive for my opinion or wallet. Yet, these prices are pretty good {for the most part...what can I say, I'm cheap!} considering it's a small online shop! Not too bad!

Anyway, I just thought I'd share the details so you can hop on over and check it out...

My faves are the scalloped and pointed lace top extenders and the mesh skirt extender....and of course everything else that is crocheted....especially the two fit knit cardigan. genius!

and doesn't this beauty look like it should be around my neck in some blog pics???  After all, it does match.


...and the funny thing is, is that you probably already all know about this little shop, considering it's been seen on Shark Tank on ABC...but, remember, I don't watch t.v., so I'm slow.

and besides all that info, I simply adore the quote from her site...learning how to fly has been a theme on my heart lately. :)

Edited to add...
{and how did I even miss their mission?!? Love their heart for building orphanages with part of their proceeds!}  


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