Memorizing scripture....

So, what to do now about memorizing these scriptures we so need?!

It's not rocket science and probably not much new here.....regardless, these are still things we can be encouraged in.....ideas I’ve learned along the way or found helpful…but I would LOVE to hear more tips from anyone who has found a good groove to get into memorizing! and please don’t assume that just because I’m sharing all of this, that I’ve mastered it because I surely have not!!

I KNOW the need for memory and hiding the Word in my heart.  It's not that I don't want to. I crave it...but obviously not enough.  I am just horrible at remembering to practice it, especially getting caught up in the midst of busy days.  But, if I was reeeaally craving it, I would find ways to get it in my mind more.  I mean, I sure don't forget to eat.  I can easily identify when I'm physically hungry. I see my need and go find a way to fill it.  However, often times, when I'm spiritually hungry for the Word, I don't identify that need so easily or quickly during the day. {or even when I do, I'm lazy about it....which shows me my true heart!}  I wallow around in my own flesh until it hits me so hard in the face that oh yeah, I need some Word….some Truth to refocus my heart and mind.  Yet, when God’s Truth is in the front of my mind, you can imagine how much more peaceful and victorious the days are....and joyful.

I NEED to have something I'm focusing on memorizing.  I need to have Truth easily and quickly popping into my mind because it's so fresh.  Sometimes, yes that's how it is with verses I know really well or principles I'm familiar with...and the difference is amazingly peaceful. But, I want it to be like that all the time.  I want more Truth hiding in my heart and mind, just waiting to come out when it's needed.

and the main deal maker is making myself remember to work at it.  Making it a habit.  well, and of course choosing IT and not other things I could fill my bits of spare time with.


we can put those smart phones to work in some useful ways!

You can set reminders or alarms to go off on different days or times.  Anyone consistently around me has begun hearing my annoying hourly alarms reminding me to pray for certain things or people.  They loooooove it when I can’t get to my phone and turn it off immediately.  I finally just realized, maybe I should at least put the alarms to good songs.  So, I've now picked songs I think could be good for me to hear at certain times of the day…Like "In the morning, just give me Jesus" for an early alarm, or a song about pressing on and fighting the good fight {Before the Morning} at a time that is typically challenging to me…like mid morning.

Sometimes, I’m in the midst of chaos and I don’t exactly pray then or pray for what it’s reminding me to.  {However, those would be the times I do need to pray!} But, you get the point….overall, it’s been a helpful tool to bring my focus back to Christ throughout the day and remember to walk with Him in prayer.  It reminds me that I'm not in this alone.  So, sometimes, I am able to stop my mind and focus on praying those things.  If I can't, I try to remember to hit the snooze button instead of turning it totally off.

I’m starting to do the same thing for memorizing verses…..putting verse alarms throughout the day. You can write out the verse as your alarm title so it pops up when the alarm sounds.  {However, it only shows a part of it, but it can get you started.}

This means my phone clock is full of set alarms. I'm not sure if there's a limit!

Like I said, even though I may not stop every single time or focus on what it's telling me, overall it's gotten me in the habit more of thinking on these things and remembering the most important things I want to be praying for.  So, maybe after I've nailed this habit, I can change the titles of the alarms to new prayer needs and new verses.

phone shots of my endless alarms...

I could see how that could drive some people crazy, but it works for me!
{most are every day, but some skip times that I know I'm in a setting like church or something.}

and we mustn't forget accountability.  But how many times have I attempted to hold or be held accountable with this??!  Find someone who is GOOD at being consistent or that you KNOW will ask you what you need them to. Shoot, even Matt and I are bad at asking each other about accountability questions half the time, but I would think we would be the best for each other. not so much!  So, somebody, anybody, feel free to say you want to hold me accountable.

Hopefully, as we begin to fill our minds and hearts more with Truth, it will overflow out of our mouths and it will be easier to think of asking others or telling others what you are learning.

Maybe there are also some sites or apps that will email you reminders or encouragement for accountability.  

Most of you probably already know about putting scriptures on your lock screen.  It’s a great place that you probably see often.  The only hold up is, is that when you do see it so often, you can easily begin to ignore it.  So, the key is to change it out frequently.
I've also found that a pretty picture with the verse catches my eyes and mind more, making me stop and look at it, more than just the words do.

Any other good ways of reminding you know of??

Second, we need to FIND A WAY(s) that works for us to memorize….

I used to use the Fighter Verse app to put verses on my lock screen, but had found that I'm drawn to those pretty pictures I mentioned more easily.  Go figure.

Regardless, Fighter Verse is a great app for helping you work on memorizing!  It has quizzes and fill in the blanks.  You can pick their verses or add your own.  Many options with them.  I've wanted to incorporate more set times in my day to retreat and spend in the Word, but I don't necessarily have the time to dive in to an intense study or reading.  So, something like Fighter Verse could be a great tool for me to know that's what I'm going to use then.  Quick, simple, I know what to expect.
Orrrrr….could also be a great little app to pull up when you're waiting and just hanging out somewhere, like say a potty or something for a little while.  just sayin. it's a good thought! 

Put the verses to songs...
this is great to do with the kids, and then I end up remembering their verses too.  And, oh how they love to sing to me when I'm struggling with kindness…. "Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other just as God has forgiven you!"
We just made up our own tune to that one, it's actually more like a chant, but you could also pick a random song to sing to. 
We really need to do this a ton more.  It's the most helpful, by far, I personally think, at least for the younger ones! And maybe this is easier for shorter verses???
There’s several good cd’s out there actually for kids’ songs to scripture. Seeds of Worship are my favorite...

Put the verses to motions…
Matt did this a while back with the kids for the Bible timeline.  I've also done it with a few verses and it helps a lot!  Need to do this one more, too!

Evernote - Computer and Phone tool
My FAVE!  This is like a notebook with subjects on your computer.  You can also put it on your iPad or phone and they all sinc together. Love.
I use Evernote for my prayer journals, bible study notes, life notes, kids' notes, recipes, and so much more….and now scripture memory.  It's almost like a slide show {which I've heard that Powerpoint can be good for this, too}.  I can have a "notebook" of verses, and each new "note" is a verse or passage OR I can have a notebook of verses grouped by topics.  I can flip through them and I can categorize them, like having a "note" for verses on "Strength" or "Humility."
I love this tool, and I foresee myself using it more and more with memory work.
Oh, how I love Evernote.
another good one for the potty.  ahem.
Oh, and it’s free.  Of course, they have a premium version you can pay for, but I just use the free one.

a phone screen shot of my sweet evernote...

Set some goals!  Measureable and Attainable Goals...
how many verses a week? a day? do you want a deadline? write out how you will learn them.

Consistently go back and REVIEW!
This is where I trip up a lot! I fail to look back over them frequently.  This is also great to do during a busy or hard season.  Use that time to go back over old verses if you don’t feel you can focus on new ones.
Write them out a lot.

Know that it's going to be hard. Don't think this some easy task. But KNOW the rewards are life changing!
Be realistic with yourself.

There are so many more great little easy ways of reminding ourselves to hide His Word in our hearts….photos with verses, sticky notes, index cards on bathroom mirrors or wherever you get ready in the morning, anywhere in your house really, in your car….just remember to add to it consistently or change it out frequently. I've had great intentions with those ways many a times, but forget to keep it going!

There's also great tools, like little memory cards or flip books you can put in your bag or purse if you don't want to use it on your phone, or if you want more than your phone.  something on your key ring? computer wallpaper? anywhere really!?!

You can also find lots of tips and/or systems of memorizing online. That would be a whole other post in itself.  So, make Google your friend and find what’s good for you!

It's just a matter of taking the time to set ourselves up for success, staying on top of it, and praying for the Spirit's help.
and now that I've said all this to the world, I feel pretty good accountability for myself!  We shall see how this goes!

and what I now need to memorize…..my parenting verse and encouragement to memorize scripture….

colossians 3:16 -
"Let the Word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God." 

I would LOVE to hear from you with any thoughts, ideas or accountability!  We need each other in goals like this.

{Feel free to click on the pic below and save it to your phones.  I maaaay have more of these coming soon if flowery hearts aren't your thing. :)  Or, I can do more of these with different verses if you give suggestions!}



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