A "new" sliding old door....

Well….I feel like there should be a great big drumroll or a rolling out of the red carpet for the door that is finally on the wall after two years!  Once we get a shower curtain up, and the lock on, this bathroom will finally be complete! Hallelujah!  no more going potty while praying no one walks up to the back door!

{and all of these pics are a bit fuzzy since I took them on my phone in the late day}

I adore how this turned out and am so glad we went with an old door instead of a barn style door.  I do love sliding barn doors, but this just feels so much more cohesive with our space.  The house’s original exterior door is still in place as you go into the dining area, just opposite this door, and I wanted a door with horizontal insets to match it.  So, I found this rugged beauty and just put a clear coat over it to save all of the glory of that chippy paint!  I hesitated in that at first and considered painting it because as much as I love distressed pieces, I wasn’t sure how much I wanted an actual part of the house to be distressed.  {Like in the horrid kitchen….the distressed cabinets were NOT a good idea, and I want them painted clean and fresh so badly!  It just gives it an old dirty feel….go figure. and I don't want that in my kitchen!}  Plus, I can always decide to paint over it, but can’t go back to this, so I figured I’d give this a try for a while.  so glad I did. I’m smitten.

and check out the inside of it….white chippy paint heaven….

The door is a bit messed up on the interior side by the lock.  Amazingly, it doesn't bother me really.  Maybe because we really needed a door quickly when we were looking for it and it was a good price…..and of course, it's just more character, as always.

It was funny because for the longest time, I wondered about what type handle I would use on it until one day, I was talking with our friend who was helping us, and he wondered if you could just use an old handle.  Well, duh…..and how about that, Matt’s mom had just given me an old door handle that past weekend.  seriously. So, we put it on, and ta-da!

It works perfectly and actually stops the door from sliding too far and coming off the rail….which was another issue we needed to deal with.
And getting that door level was a doozy!  Sooo not fun trying to piece new and old items together….an old house, a new door frame, an old door….not fun stuff.

Anyway, here's some more details…

  • We just used basic barn door hanging equipment that you can get from your local co-op or Tractor Supply…..a box rail, a door hanging kit, and 3 rail hangers. There’s several online tutorials for this, but the original I saw was from here, Styleberry blog. I also found others  helpful on pinterest. We bought a 12 foot rail and cut it in half with a grinder because we will be doing the same thing for our old bathroom that needs a sliding door. So, two 6 foot rails is exactly what we needed.
  • The door kit actually came with a little metal piece, not sure if it’s meant for this, but we screwed it into a wood piece at the bottom of the wall trim for the door to slide through.  This keeps the door from flying out away from the wall. You could also use a little rubber stopper attached to the floor {like on closet doors}.
  • We painted all the hardware black to match the rest of the hardware in our home that we’ve just happened to end up with along the way. 
  • While one tutorial anchored theirs to the ceiling and the other one to two 2x4’s, we attached ours to a 1x6 because it fit well onto our wall space, and we wanted it as close to the wall as possible so we could close off the space tightly…..no guests using the potty want little eyes peeking in at them!  {that also means we have to fill in the old key hole, which we all know is another good little peep hole. ha}
  • We may end up putting little metal pieces on the door frame where the door knob hits it in both places when opening and closing.  We are typically pretty gentle with it, but with little hands opening and closing it, I’m sure it could use a little padded protection.
  • Lowes didn’t have the little old timey latch lock, so I have to order one.  Why would Lowes not have this??

Well, that's about it for the door! Still working on the laundry/craft/school room, and it's a mess right now! Everything's in place and it's just getting painted….slowly, but surely! I'll try to keep the updates coming!

{FYI…This room used to be a carport until we closed it in to make a large room, bathroom and backdoor foyer area with hanging racks.  That is the original ceiling and I really wish I could say the rest of the house had that much original character! But not so much. :) }


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