Lucy Jayne turns two....

One of the sweetest little babies I could imagine turned TWO yesterday.  

While she spent her first year simply wooing us and batting those pretty eyes, laughing and smiling and being the most laid back gentle baby ever, her second year was a little different…to put it nicely.  When she hit one year, it was like something just clicked and changed and she didn't know how to communicate with us or handle her independency or emotions….and she began yelling a lot.  maybe screaming describes it better.  like piercing screams. 

What happened to our sweet baby girl we kept wondering!  Of course, she was still the same wonderful joy to us, but the 2nd year road was a little more rough than we had imagined, considering how her first year had been! Well, by God’s amazing grace that He likes to give parents, we made it through lots of yells this past year and just kept loving on that little stinker.  Thankfully, she’s learned ~or still learning~ to get her thoughts across in a more civilized ~and less painful to the ears~ way.

She was a late talker {we only did a couple of sign language motions early on, thinking now maybe we should’ve done more!}, and it’s still so sweet to hear what she’s learning to say these days.  We’ve voice recorded our children some through the years, and they have ended up being some of the funniest and most fond memories we have to reflect back on.  We listen to them and either just laugh and laugh or enjoy reminiscing those sweet ages that now seem so far back in the distance.  We treasure hearing their little voices!  My how time flies.

I want to record them more.  I want to photograph them more.  I want every memory of every detail I can have that will help me remember.  Remember the sweetness….the blessings….the cuddles and kisses….I want to remember it all.  This is my fuel behind photography.  We are such forgetful beings, yet I love how beautiful photos {especially beautifully captured details!} can bring you back to unforgettable moments….and because it draws me back into a state of thankfulness and renews my eternal perspective as I think about time.  the gift of time and how fast it flies by….and that we are only here for a handful of moments, it seems.

I want to remember Lulu’s sweet little hugs, her “GOODNIGHT COLE!” yellings, her asking me to sing every time I put her down and then all of a sudden one day started yelling “NIGHT NIGHT!!” each time I would start singing at bedtime {meaning be quiet and put me down, Lady!!}. But then, as she got older and began playing baby dolls recently, she so sweetly rocked and sang her own lullaby to them…..melt my heart!!!

I don’t want to forget her wanting to potty train and her yelling “BYE BYE POO POO! BYE BYE TEE TEE!” every time, even when she did nothing on the potty.

or her squatty dancing every time she hears music….or her sweet "momEEEEEE!!" and "dadEEEEE!"

or just her sweet little giggly self with her eyes and nose all scrunched up.

These days can be hard.  But, I KNOW and want to remember each time, that they are precious!!

This too shall pass.

Sometimes, it’s…..Praise the Lord, this too shall pass!!!  But, sometimes, it’s…..Ohhh! My heart breaks that this too shall pass!!! 

Either way, time passes, and I want to be full of memories, joy and thankfulness as it does!  I'm so thankful for this little girl and all that she means to us!! 


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