Thankful for my grandparents...

the outtakes are always the best, aren't they?!

oh happy baby….

just trying to get everyone in the shot while momma's just doing her job and snapping away...

and finally…

Not here necessarily, ha, but Cole's smile always reminds me of my Papaw's, and this is such a sweet blessing to me.
I'm so thankful to have a picture of us and our kiddos with their great grandparents even if we are all looking at different cameras!

I love these....

Oh how I love these two people….
Mamaw said it wouldn't be right if a child wasn't photobombing the picture….although she didn't exactly use that word. But, she can be a feisty funny lady, so I'll pretend she did.

{that was some bright light coming in!}

For a couple of years now, I have accepted their age and been okay that they were inevitably coming to the end of their lives soon. Yet, my papaw's health has been deteriorating more quickly this year, {he's 95!} and my heart has been so heavy lately as I yearn for the ways of the old days and reminisce of all the joy and blessings I've had because of them throughout my life.

Whether it's remembering going to the little store to get Reese's Pieces, or driving the tractor with him, or sleeping on his special side of the bed, or all the $1 bills snuck to me without the other knowing - from both of them, or all the hugs when they would squish me "as flat as a butter bean," or making homemade biscuits or rolls with Mamaw {who, for the love, would never do it the same way twice and can not remember to tell me all the details!}.  From the age of making mud pies in the back yard to the age of mud riding with old friends in the woods, their relationships and their home gave me such stability and a constant of love in my life that I would never exchange for anything. I am beyond grateful!

I can not even be thankful enough for their unconditional love to our whole family, but especially to my mom and us.  From the stories and past they've shared with me, I see they weren't perfect.  Of course, they made their share of mistakes, and they had some rough roads. Yet, when my parents separated when I was little, they took us in and loved my brother and me as their own. And that's what started such a close relationship between us.

oooohhhh, the memories.

And I should've had my momma in that group picture, but she was taking it!  I did manage to grab a pic of her and Libby in the 5 seconds that baby wasn't on the go.  She's growing up way too fast. As much as I want my sleep at night, sometimes those few minutes she wants to be held in the middle of the night are the only ones she's still long enough for me to snuggle her up in my arms.  

so thankful for the people in my life and the joy and love they each add to it.


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