Well, hello there!

Well, hello there!!  It's been a silent few weeks here in my little blog world.  We just got back in the country last week from our mission trip, and oh how I wish I would've had the energy and time to write every day from Eleuthera.  It was unbelievable on so many levels.  I sat down to write it all out after getting home, and there's just no way I can put into words well enough for you to vicariously live through me....but I so wish you could.  Yet, I'm going to try over time because it was so glorious and there's lots to tell.  I love the way God works in ways we don't expect and how faithful He is.  I mean, I just can not even praise Him enough for it all.

Since Matt begun this trip a couple of years ago, its long-term purpose has been at the heart of it all.  It’s more than just having some baseball and craft camps and pouring concrete floors.

{sharing testimonies}

{same concrete floor they worked on last year! Hopefully, now this man can get moving on his house!}

It’s more than just a spiritual retreat.  It’s about building relationships with the people there with hopes of discipleship and life-changing experiences, and possibly bringing some of them here to do our discipleship program and getting them into school, whether that be through baseball or other means.  Those are some of our goals at least.  Yet, through it all, God always has even greater purposes and each trip is special in its own way.

Typically, the first week of the trip is the “mission” trip.  Then, the last few days are a retreat, including rest, fasting, outings and play. Last year, the group stayed at the Habitat camp for the mission part, then at The Outpost for the retreat part.  This year, however, there was nowhere to stay for the whole time except at the beautiful Outpost.

It’s simple, not luxurious, but handmade by the owner and filled with character and set on the most beautiful secluded beach I have ever laid my eyes on.  {and by the way, it's for sale.  Anyone want to go in 95% with us and buy it?! :)} It’s on the Atlantic side and therefore consistently active with breezes and waves….and God’s creative glory. The constant of the ocean and breeze was consistently stirring my soul for some reason.....like it was just a neat parallel to His presence.

All that to say, I had hoped our stay there wouldn’t be too luxurious for a "mission trip.”  Granted, it didn't have AC but let's just say it was merely a mild case of "roughing it." {Thankfully, there was only a day or so with little to no breeze. } I mean my first morning of quiet time was with my toes in the sand, constant breeze in my face, and the sound of the huge waves constantly falling to the shore.  I felt a bit spoiled in that respect.  Yet, even then, it was all for God’s glory.  His presence in His creation was unbelievable and truly ministered to me the moment I stepped foot there.

I'm working on writing out the details of the week and hope to share it soon.  Meanwhile, I'm continuing on with The Reflect Series and my usual musings. :)

Speaking of that, when I started my new series in my last post, did I mention it would be kinda sporadic??!  I'm hoping weekly, but we'll see. And after this trip, I've got a beautiful story of redemption from a dear sweet woman {from while we were there!  She was working at the place we stayed. God's sovereignty in action, to say the least.} {and her darling daughter, Siahj!} to share with you soon, so that means I need to hurry up and get done with my own!  I absolutely cannot wait to share more about her with you and what God possibly has in store for her...and us.  wow.

If you want to stay tuned in and because I only write as I can, I'd love for you to subscribe to this blog and have it delivered to your email if you want to stay up to date. It's easy peasy.  Just enter your email under "follow by email." :)  If it wasn't working before, try again, it should work now.

Hope your holidays were truly blessed and that you new year is filled with new visions from God of what He has in store for you this year in your walk with Him!  We are dreaming big and praying hard for lots of new incredible things here!  And like this trip, it may not be an easy journey, but when we keep our eyes focused hard on Christ, through His grace, He sure does bless the hard stuff and brings joy and peace that surpasses understanding.



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