my little man.....

My little man is becoming such a BIG man.  He wants to be doing what His daddy does, all the time. He was picking up some little scripture cards the other day asking if he could use them.  I told him they were for when he's bigger and can read.....I must've reminded him of why he needs to eat his veggies so he can grow up big....so he can play baseball like he wants.....and he replied with 
"and maybe I can teach people about Jesus!"

made this momma heart smile big.

Yes, sweet boy, you sure can, and I hope you will.  I hope you keep that fervent spirit for Jesus, just like you had with taking out the trash that day.  ha  

{inside phone pics that are blurry}

It was bigger than you, and hard to carry....but you wanted to accomplish it so badly....you kept getting up and kept going....and when the bottom busted from being drug a little, 
I helped carry your load.  

what a sweet little picture of our walk with Christ you gave me.  How many times do I bottom out and He carries my load? Too many times that go unnoticed, I'm sure.

I hope you grow in spirit, truth, love, and fervor for the Lord.  I hope you grow up telling and teaching everyone about Jesus....I hope that desire never dies.

I also had a fun date with this little one last weekend....I'm excited for a marriage retreat in a couple of days with my big Valentine, but last weekend, it was just me and this little Valentine instead.  I asked him if he was going to open my door for me, and then told him he didn't have to....but he declared he wanted to!  
{Umm, no, in case you're wondering, my big valentine does not open my car door}

{and you're welcome for making you feel better about your dirty vehicle.}

Where else would my little Valentine want to go other than Chik fil a??!  After he finally got to visit him, he was a little cautious of the big cow....it's maybe a little scarier when you get up close and see how quite large he is.

I adore the time I get to spend with this guy and see how much love and affection he wants and offers.  It's just sort of easy to forget this big soft heart lives inside him when all I hear in the house all winter long are piercing screams and loud startling bouts of yelling and roars {to which I swear it's like sometimes he's going to combust because they come all of a sudden and out of nowhere and scare me like no other....ahhh, for the love of little boys.}

Ohhh, I love his hugs and kisses.....I dread the day when he thinks he's too big for them.  So for now, when I'm not busy telling him to keep his voice down a million times a day, 
I'll take all the affection I can get.



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