The snow....

This is basically what our last week has looked like around here....

I know, I know....laptops, iPads, phones, and tv's are not the ideal of how we like to spend our time.
but some days, something's gotta give.....

The massive stomach bug from hell {sorry, there's no better way to put it} got Anna Jaymes on Tuesday and she's just getting over it today...although she still hasn't hardly eaten or gotten up from the couch all day. Never in my life have I had a bug that lasted for longer than 24-36 hours.  This is going on 5 days.  It's safe to say I was a little wary of dehydration for something going this long...because NOTHIING was staying in that pitiful little girl. 

Then Adolyn.  Then Lucy.  Then Cole.

That means we probably have a few more days of this and we're praying Libby, Matt and I don't get it.  Oh, but I've had a cold, and something's trying to start on Matt.  Oh and Libby has gotten my cold.


I'm not complaining.....just stating the facts.  This seems like a pretty rotten situation....a bit stressful in the beginning, especially as I was trying to catch vomit with bowls from one child to the next and kill all the germs in the process.  Then, I decided to save getting to my whit's end for another day and stopped stressing about passing germs. I did what I could do, but I can only do so much.

I hate to say it's been "surprising," but it has been.....I would think this would be miserable.

Yet, God's grace is sufficient.  He knows our circumstances, and He has gently led us.
Why should I ever be surprised by His goodness??

There's been some tough moments, yet He is faithful and quick to forgive and quick to show compassion.

He's kept my eyes open to Him to see from a perspective of what there is to be thankful for and the little blessings I can find tucked away in the quiet hidden moments of the days.

In one of those times as I rocked little sick Lucy in her room, I was thankful to know that she would be better soon. It was just a stomach bug.  I was thankful to have emergency care if we did need it.

My heart began to burden for the mothers in places that don't have that knowing or peace.  I just cannot imagine.  

Every day is a gift and every day is unknown.  I do a great job at rushing from one thing to the next, and as I've mentioned before, Adolyn is my little reminder to stop and smell the roses.....
ummm.....or vomit in this case......ewww nasty, but for real.
{See??  It's been good that I've had a cold because I haven't been able to smell most of the week.}
Anyway, this week has been good to slow down, in some sense, and take a break from normal and be thankful. 


Ok. so now......the snow. 

Let me tell you....when I first heard there was chance of several inches of snow this week, my heart was devastated for the girls!  I mean, they wait all year, and ask all throughout the year if and when it is going to snow here.  Then to think they were nasty sick the one week the snow of the century is coming.....and wouldn't feel like being out in it...just broke this momma's heart. At that point, Anna Jaymes could barely walk.

Sooooo, on Wednesday, it began snowing, and although I was expecting it, I was nevertheless taken back at how divine and beautiful it was.  The biggest flurries I ever did see!!!
Falling so slowly and gently to the ground!!!!

You know pictures don't do it justice.

Well, Adolyn just wanted to get out and catch some flurries on her tongue.  So we assured them we would get them dressed ourselves and carry them out to the snow to do whatever they felt like doing.
Anna Jaymes didn't make it out that day, but sickly little Adolyn did in her pj's and coat....

I snapped a few more pics that afternoon and then hoped it would all be there long enough the next morning for us to get out again.

for some reason, I liked the mailbox area in snow then...it's right out our back door....

The next morning was almost like a miracle....like the eye in the storm.  We got the barely moving girls dressed and headed out, and while Lucy made her way back inside to nap...which was actually a blessing, the others came alive and had the energy to enjoy the gift of such a deep, soft and beautiful snow.

Snowball fight was first on the agenda...although that didn't turn out too good when Daddy caught her off guard.....

I thought this was going to be part of the snowman, but turns out this massive ball of snow was thrown at yours truly....

Snowball in the head....geez, daddy plays hardball, I guess.... 

Then, onto sledding.....after Matt gave it a couple of tries pulling the sled, he had the bright idea to get the pony.

In case you're wondering....because I was already asked, :) she had taken her coat off because she was hot....and those are my huge gloves on her....

Cole was so funny riding while pulling us...Matt would have the pony trot and all the while, Cole would just yell while holding on like he was falling off.  No worries, he was Fiiiine....and it was just enough thrill going down the little hill.
{and yes, he's in a girl's coat}

and up the hill....

Adolyn traipsing through the woods to find a hill, but no such luck...

and finishing off her snowman with rocks, pebbles, and dog food....

The girls and I would have loved getting them all dressed up and taking fun pictures in the big fluffy snow.....but I am happy and content with them having just the energy to enjoy such a small piece of time outside in something I'm not sure they'll ever see here again in their childhood.  Sure, they may see a few inches, but this snow was just perfect.  Such a gift that we got to enjoy it in the midst of the craziest sick week we've ever experienced.

and then it was back to vomit buckets.



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