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 My husband, Matt and I lead a college ministry at Mississippi State University {well, mainly him}.  It has evolved over the past several years since we began, and now mostly consists of 1 on 1 or 1 on few discipleship meetings throughout the week, a dinner and bible study program called Project 2:2, and Matt's ministry as the chaplain for the MSU baseball team.  

Our heart is to be life on life with these young adults and transparently live our lives before them as they witness our struggles and victories! We love what we do, and are excited about the future possibilities God has in store for this ministry!  We are dreamers and God has stretched our faith more than we could have ever imagined in this journey and we wouldn't change it one bit.

For more info on Phase 2, visit the website {that needs lots of updating!}


Project 2:2 is a weekly program we started as a step towards our vision of a "life on life" program where college age and/or young career age will live on our property for a school year and be involved in a deep study of the word, 1 on 1 discipleship, and a family style fellowship with us and our kiddos.  While there are many ways for a believer to grow and this sort of discipleship/learning is not feasible for all of a person's life obviously, we do believe it's a major benefit in a believer's growth if he or she can devote a concentrated period of their life to something like this.
Matt and I both participated in year long programs such as this, and we would both say those years were huuuuuge stepping stones in our faith....and in our life in general considering we did meet and fall in love that year through Kanakuk. hehehe
I went through the Doulos Program {which was also in Branson, MO at the time}, and he attended the Kanakuk Institute, also in Branson.  The two programs were quite different, but were both focused on an intensive growth with the Lord....and we looooved them!!

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